Three-axis Machining Parts

Product name: Three-axis precision machined parts

Material: stainless steel 301

Tolerance: 0.01MM

Drawing requirements: CAD, 3D, PDF

Surface treatment: paint / powder coating / color anodizing

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Three-axis Machining Parts

CNC machining center precision parts processing computer gong.

Product parameters:

This product is manufactured by CNC machining center and has strict requirements on appearance and size. We have rigorous plans for the production and transfer of our products to ensure that our products meet customer requirements. We have very rich experience in the field of CNC processed products and a unique process guarantee for processing metal deformation, oxidation dimensional changes and other controls.

Main process Three-axis CNC machining center
material Stainless steel 301
MOQ 1-1000PCS
Quality Management On-site inspection, pre-shipment inspection, test equipment
Sample delivery time 3-15 days
model WH-JS-004
Standard sizes Various sizes


Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle parts, digital products, communications, medical, optics, lighting, surveillance, photography cameras, model cars, remote control aircraft, aerospace, instrumentation, electronic appliances.

Product advantages

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in CNC machining and surface treatment, and can provide customers good processing services according to customer needs.


Q: How long can I get a sample?

A: It’s 3-10 days, we can serve you according to your specific project.

Q: How to control product quality?

A: The first full-scale inspection quality production inspection process (3 hours sampling)
100% delivery random inspection.
We have a professional quality control team that can control the quality during mass production and check the complete product before shipment.

Q: Is the OEM / ODM or customer's logo printed?

A: Yes, welcome OEM / ODM, customer logo.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Regular 50% deposit and 50% balance (via wire transfer, Western Union, Ali pay, and other payment methods) And can also be discussed according to our cooperation.

Q: If we don't have a freight forwarder in China, would you do it for us?

A: We can provide you with the best transportation route to ensure that you can get the goods on time and at the best price.

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