Пет осни механични части

1.Various CNC milling products

2. Цена: Negotiable

3. Опаковка: according to customer requirements

4: Размер: Персонализирани

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Пет осни механични части

Experienced custom high precision aluminum, stainless steel CNC machining anodized aluminum parts

Параметри на продукта:

We offer CNC machining of metals that meet any complex design specifications at a reasonable price. It covers turning, milling, drilling and tapping of various metallic materials. Secondary operations are possible, such as anodizing, живопис, полиране, powder coating, sandblasting and heat treatment.

Main process Milling / turning / drilling / five / four / three-axis CNC machining center
Повърхностна обработка Electroplating, spraying, анодиране, black oxidation or custom finishing
MOQ 1-1000
product name CNC machining
Примерно време за доставка 1-15дни
модел WH-JS-006
Drawing format jpg /.dxf / .dwg / .stp /.and others


Machinery, heavy equipment, електроника, automotive parts, optical communications and others.

Предимства на продукта:

All parts of our company have no sharp edges, all dimensions are controlled according to your drawings, and each product will be thoroughly inspected and carefully packed to prevent injuries and damage during transportation. We have many years of export experience and exported to the United States, Европа, Japan and other countries and regions.


Q: How do I know the status of my product?
А: Before we receive the product, we will release information about each production progress, such as material purchase, production status, delivery time, tracking number.

Q: Can you give me advice if necessary?
А: Of course, as long as you need, we will provide you with professional technical advice as well as material types, surface finishes and drawing processes.

Q: Do you offer after sales service?
А: да, if you find any problems after using our products, please feel free to let us know and we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Any feedback you have on the product is our way to improve.

Q: Можете ли да предоставите мостри? Безплатна ли е пробата?
А:It depends on! If the sample you want is in stock, it will be free for you. If we need to produce, I’m afraid we will charge the sample fee. въпреки това, shipping costs will be charged for all samples.

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