Mànec de la vespa

Material: 100% carbon fiber or 100% glass fiber or 50% fibra de carboni + 50% glass fiber

Mida: 24X28X360MM

Hole machining: CNC machining

Capacity: 3000 pieces per day

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Mànec de la vespa

We can provide customized sizes, shapes, weaving, and surface treatments according to customer requirements. Please tell me what your needs are.

Paràmetres del producte:

The rolled prepreg carbon fiber tube is made of multi-layer packaging of twill or unidirectional fabric. It is ideal for applications requiring high strength and light weight.

Origin Guangdong, Xina
shape Round carbon fiber tube
MOQ 1-2000
Operating temperature 150 degrees
Termini de lliurament de la mostra 5dies
Model WH-03-SBG
mida 24X28X360MM


Sports, mèdic, motorcycle, car, drone, model aircraft, bracket.

Avantatges del producte

Extremely light and strong, high modulus, excellent durability, resistencia a la corrosió, very flexible, beautiful appearance, excellent flatness, good resilience, etc.


P:What is your best price for carbon fiber products?
A:We will provide you with the best price based on your quantity.

P:Are you a manufacturer?
A:Sí, we are a manufacturer and welcome to visit our factory.

P:Do you accept custom orders?
A:Sí, customized products and logos are acceptable.

P:Can you provide samples for customers?
A:Sí, of course we can.

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