Carbon Fiber Dive Fins

1: Soft TPR material, comfortable without presser foot

2: Streamlined design reduces resistance and increases speed

3: Customizable LOGO, simple and graceful, highlighting quality

4: High carbon does not change, strong enhancement

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Carbon Fiber Dive Fins

Carbon fiber flippers/ carbon fiber long fins is made of carbon fiber sheet with high quality and used for diving.

Product parameters:

The fins are carefully made of full carbon fiber material and high-quality resin. They are slim, durable, beautiful and beautiful high-end fins. It will not be deformed for a long time usage and it will not lose the original technical performance as well. There are four hardness levels: soft, medium soft, medium and hard. You can choose based on your leg strength, height and weight.

Product name Carbon fiber flippers
Krāsa Black and white or customized
Materiāls T700 level carbon fiber
MOQ 5 pairs
Delivery time 5-20days
Model WH-JP-001
Izmērs 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44


Diving and swimming

Product advantages:

The imported T700 carbon fiber material is softer and more comfortable than traditional materials and has a longer usage life. The elasticity adjustment configuration of the forefoot can be adjusted to all foot shapes to feel comfortable, which is more conducive to strength and improve swimming speed.


Q: If I want more information and data about flippers, can you provide them?
A: Yes, we are very happy.

Q: Have you already mass produced this product?
A: Yes, our product quality is currently stable and has been highly recognized by customers.

Q: I see that the product picture is only black and white. Can you produce other colors?
A: We can produce the colors you like, but only if you need to provide artwork to us.

Q: Do you accept OEM or ODM orders?
A: Yes, we accept OEM and ODM for our customers.

Q: Do you sell finished products?
A: We produce carbon fiber fins, which can be matched with your favorite brand shoe covers

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