Fem-aksede tilpassede deler

Produktnavn: 5-axis machined parts

Materiale: stainless steel, aluminum

Tolerance: 0.005-0.01MM

Weight: 65G

Størrelse: based on 3D drawing

Produkt detalj


Fem-aksede tilpassede deler

Five-axis milling is the best CNC milling machine today. This is a fast and accurate micro machining center. 5-axis CNC machines are ideal for product and part creation. Unlike 3 and 4 axes, this extremely fast milling machine has efficient and impressive features.


Our CNC machining, turning and milling processes include all types of turning, boring, broaching and more. With our 3-, 4- and 5-axis machines, we can customize and manufacture the highest quality parts to meet your needs.

Main process Five-axis CNC machining
materiale Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastic and other materials
MOQ Can be in small batches
Product description: Custom metal parts manufacturing, five-axis CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, metal parts processing factory. Cheap processing services. Upload your 3d or 2d drawings in batch fast free quotes.
Logo 5-20 Logo
modell WH-JS-003
price Cost-effective



Metal spinning machinery, metal processing machinery parts, metal engraving machinery, metal drawing machinery, metal coating machinery, metal casting machinery.


By using multi-axis machining technology, manufacturers can often achieve a more comprehensive finish on the workpiece. In addition, automation provided by computer-controlled "CNC" technology can often speed up production and reduce the number of machines required.

Instead of manually turning parts, manual operators spend time monitoring the performance of automatic 5-axis machining equipment that can work 24/7. Although manufacturers must still perform stringent quality control operations, software-controlled CNC machining can mass produce uniform parts. Large-scale production may justify the need for large capital investments in automated 5-axis CNC machinery.


Spørsmål:What do I need to provide to get a quote?
EN: Provide 2D engineering drawings (PDF / DWG / DXF) or 3D engineering drawings (STP / IGS).

Spørsmål:I have no drawings, only the actual product, is it ok?
EN: If you have a physical object, you can send the product to us. We can make drawings based on the physical measurement dimensions, and then produce.

Spørsmål:What factors affect product prices?
EN: Materiale, surface treatment, tolerance requirements, surface roughness, order quantity.

Spørsmål:Do you provide sample services?
EN: Ja, we can provide sample services before production;

Spørsmål:Can you provide feedback on the production progress of the order?
EN: Ja, we will send the order status and share the processing pictures with you.

Spørsmål:What if the product has quality problems?
EN: If it is our problem, we will replace or repair it for you.

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