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Product name: luggage accessories

Price: $ 10.5

Colour: čierna

hrúbka: 3MM

Veľkosť: Custom

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Carbon fiber is a special fiber composed of carbon. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-friction, electrical conductivity, anti-deformation and anti-corrosion. The appearance fiber is soft and can be processed into various fabrics. Because its graphite microcrystalline structure is preferentially oriented along the fiber axis, it has high strength and modulus. The density of carbon fibers is small, so the specific strength and specific modulus are high. The main purpose of carbon fiber is to use it as a reinforcing material and resin, metal, ceramic and carbon composite materials as advanced composite materials. Among the existing engineering materials, carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites have the highest specific strength and specific modulus.

Parametre produktu:

The product is non-standard customized production, which is completely delivered according to customer requirements, and has established a strong cooperative relationship with customers

položka: Evaluate the project, analyze the structure, select the plan, put it into production, and confirm the result
Typ procesu: Prepare materials, paste materials, enter molds, remove products, process burrs, grind, spray
Materiál: 50% uhlíkové vlákno
Povrchový efekt 3K plain weave
veľkosť 75X36X30X2MM
Model WH-04-XLX


This part is used for rolling bearing of suitcase

Výhody produktu:

Lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber material with exquisite 3K texture as the appearance, not only ensures the overall strength and stiffness, but also reduces the weight of the product, facilitates transportation and transportation, and meets the individual needs of customers.


Q: How do I customize my product?
A: Please describe your project. Include the following information so that we can provide an accurate quotation: part name, 3D CAD drawing, quantity, material, farba, finishing

Q: Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
A: We can sign a confidentiality agreement according to your needs.

Q: How do I know that my product is under development?
A: We will provide a detailed production schedule and attach digital photos and videos to show the production process.

Q: What materials can we customize the appearance of?
A: Our regular materials have 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K textures, and can also be made according to your favorite colors.

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