Скутер батеријска цев

Материјал: 100% угљенично влакно

Величина: 47X50X670.5MM

Appearance: 3K plain weave

Usage: balance car

Tolerance: 0.1MM

Hole processing: CNC

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Скутер батеријска цев

We can produce pipe fittings with various colors, materials and sizes according to your design requirements. The pipe fittings have exquisite appearance and stable quality. The monthly production capacity can reach 500,0PCS.

Параметри производа:

The carbon fiber battery pipes we produce are mainly exported to the US market and the European market, and the qualified rate is 100%

Item: We produce carbon fiber tubes with a diameter of 8-500MM and a length of 3 meters
Process Type: Cutting, coiling, winding, baking, inspection, painting
Материјал: Carbon fiber 3K plus CNC processing
weight 180G
length 550-670.5MM
model WH-02-DCG
МОК 1-500PCS



This pipeline is used in the fields of scooter accessories, rail transit, итд

Предности производа

Carbon fiber battery tube can greatly reduce the weight of the entire body and save more batteries, which can increase the riding distance of the scooter.


К: Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
A: We are a professional OEM manufacturer in the carbon fiber industry with 20 years of experience.

К: How to ensure product quality?
A: We have highly educated engineers, trained staff, advanced production equipment, and all products are inspected before shipment.

К: How do I get samples?
A: You can send us your drawings, we will quote to you. If possible, we can make samples for you.

К: What is the delivery time?
A: For mass order is within 30 days after receiving the deposit and for sample is within one week.

К: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept wire transfers, Paypal

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